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Finding a good noodle shop in the UK isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. If you’re a big fan of noodles then you most definitely need to head on to a Wagamama restaurant. It’s basically a restaurant that specializes in noodles, and you’ll really be rewarded with an enjoyable evening if you choose to dine in one o its branches. The best thing about Wagamama is that they always use fresh ingredients. You’ll notice that the soup you are served has this colorful look, and you’ll agree that the ingredients are fresh once you get a taste of its flavor. Another thing is that the servings here are pretty generous. If you’re the type that eats like an athlete, this place will be perfect for you. You’re sure to get your money’s worth in terms of either quality or quantity in regards to the food served. Wagamama restaurants are also pretty great if you love interacting with people, since you’ll all be eating with each other in a long table. This is gives you the chance to meet new people and the like. The long tables are also perfect for parties; although you really have to book in advance to make sure they’re available for use. The place also looks pretty trendy and you’re sure to have a good time with your friends or your family. Wagamama restaurants also usually have outdoor seating, which is also pretty interesting if you prefer fresh air. To get even better deals, you should head on to wagamamas.org.uk for vouchers. You can get discount vouchers or even 2 for 1 vouchers when you check them out. This is perfect if you love noodles since you’ll be visiting a wagamama restaurant from time to time after your first visit. wagamama VOUCHERS